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H-shaped egg chicken coop is a commonly used poultry breeding equipment, made of galvanized wire mesh, which can provide good ventilation and space, suitable for multi-layer stacking and space saving. This design can provide a clean and comfortable living environment for chickens, and is easy to clean and manage.

The high degree of automation of broiler cage breeding saves land resources, energy, labor costs, medication costs and feed, and the net yield of cage broiler breeding can be increased by 40% compared with flat broiler breeding. Broiler cage breeding can effectively improve the feeding density, cage breeding density is more than 2 times higher than the density of flat breeding.

It has simple structure, easy operation and maintenance, high selectivity of automatic equipment, low input cost and fast income, etc. It is the best choice for chicken farms with intensive and highly efficient feeding management mode. It is the development trend of large-scale and modernized egg production.

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Zhengzhou Liwei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 and is a service-oriented foreign trade company dedicated to providing customers with China’s leading aquaculture equipment and solutions. The company is mainly engaged in the import and export business of mechanical equipment, and currently operates projects such as fertilizer production equipment, feed production equipment, and aquaculture equipment. At present, breeding machinery and equipment are the main business items. It is a large-scale Poultry farming breeding equipment manufacturer integrating scientific research, production, sales, installation and service, mainly engaged in ladder type automatic poultry cage equipment, cascade type automatic poultry cage equipment, environmental control equipment, fan wet curtain, feeding system, egg collection system and environmental control system.

Why choose us:

  1. Improve production efficiency, significantly increase production capacity, and have significant economic benefits.
  2. Reduce manpower, significantly reduce production costs.
  3. Easy management, reduce breeding risks.
  4. It is conducive to achieving standardization, standardized management, and environmental automation control.
  5. It can ensure the natural environment of chicken coops.

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The cage is very sturdy, easy to install, sturdy and stable, with a practical appearance design, and multiple sizes for customers to choose from. After browsing many companies and placing an order here, I am very satisfied with a shopping experience. Damon